-------- Salve Blasphemous Divine Underground!!! --------

A Main Priority (Here At PROSELYTISM) Is Trading Our Releases And Overstock Against WITCHING METAL Releases From All Over The World. Take A Look To Some Of Our Current Stuff Available For Trades:

Send Us Your Trade List (Containing Full Descriptions, Audio Links And Pictures Of The Releases) To This E-Mail:

-------- OUR CONDITIONS --------

1. We Apply This Table For Trades:
- Double LP = 8 points
- 12” LP / Digipack Double CD / Long-sleeved T-SHIRT= 6 points
- 10” MLP / Double CD / Digipack CD / Short-sleeved T-SHIRT= 4 points
- Regular version CD / DVD = 3 points
- 7” EP = 2,5 points
- Pro Cassette Tape (Demo/EP/Album) = 2 points
- D.I.Y. Cassette Tape / Regular version Pro CD-R = 1 point
- Mini Pro CD-R = 0,5 points.
- Covers + Audio Master = Covers + Audio Master
- Fanzines = ???

2. We Also Can Fix A Trade Based On An Equivalence Of The Amount Of Money Involved ($US Dollars) In Accordance With The Official Price Of Each Item.

3. We Pack Professional In Order That You Could Get Our Stuff In MINT CONDITIONS; We Want To Get Your Items In MINT CONDITIONS As Well. It Is Supposed That We Are Trading With INTELLIGENT PEOPLE Who Know How To Pack Their Stuff.

4. We Only Send And Receive Stuff Sent Via REGISTERED AIR MAIL. Tracking Number Must Be Provided Each Other After Parcel Is Dispatched. Not Sending The Tracking Numbers Means That You Haven’t Sent Anything. We Must Be Able To Track What You Have Sent Because We Don’t Want Any Parcel Being Lost Or Returned To The Sender.

5. Unless We Agree On A Different Deal, CDs Must Be Sent Including Jewel Boxes Always, So If You Are Not Sending The Jewel Boxes Then You Should Include Extra CDs This Way:
01-15 CDs sent = 1 extra CD
15-30 CDs sent = 2 extra CDs
30-45 CDs sent = 3 extras CDs… and so on…

6. If We Haven’t Traded With You Before, Then YOU MUST SEND FIRST.

7. We Can Agree On Some Changes In The CONDITIONS If Needed.